Monday, February 27, 2006

Shallow End Rocks CB's in February

The band is jamming. This is what its all about.

First song.... Green River.... Last Song... Hit me with your best shot. And too many in the middle to mention one by one. We just love playing them and singing along with the rest of you in the audience.

Rey pounding those drums... keeping that fantastic beat! Lovin it...

Jose and Maggie May .... love them vocals Jose.... and Happy Birthday to you too. Maggie, playing those Ivories.

Betty.... well, thats why she is the front person in the band. Its all about the vocals of course....

And of course, Mike and Dave with their duling banjos (excuse me... I meant guitars...)! And of course, the cream filling in the middle. Now thats an oreo cookie anyone would have to like. Hey Dave, whats with those shades?

The band had a blast playing to a really great audience at Cutler Bay Seafood and Steakhouse.

The band played till 1am and for those die hard fans who stayed through it all and danced till the very end, we thank you all for your enthusiasm.

Were posting pictures of you too, our faithful flock of Shallow Enders as we will now start calling you.

See you all at our next gig.

Shallow End Rocks CB's

We play to the younger crowd too!

Just a nod to our faithful flock, we have tried to post as many pictures as blogspot will allow us to post on their servers. For those of you who are not displayed below, we are sorry. But we are happy you were there with us at the show! Thanks again....